There are some rumors for a while, but the Apple AirPods Pro is finally here. They have new features, new designs, and a new price tag, but they’re still AirPods. While the original model faces a lot of abuse for not sealing the ear canal, the Apple AirPods Pro not only closes the ear, but they also bring active noise canceling. These are light-years ahead of the old ones only by this fact alone. But are they worth $250?

Who should buy the Apple AirPods Pro?

  • Apple iPhone users who want true wireless AirPods will get the most out of the Airbus, and for them: these are the best wireless earbuds of the second generation of iPhones.
  • The right wireless lover will like them, mostly because the options for active noise canceling in this type of gadget is uncommon unless you pick up  SonyBeats,  or Huawei models.
  • Cardio monsters  Gym rats and will appreciate Apple AirPods pro.

How do you use the AirPods Pro?

Apple AIrPods
Aplpe AirPods

When you first start using the earbuds, you’ll want to find the right size ear tip to use, because the rest of your experience lies in it. If the ear tips are too big, they’ll be Hurtful, and if they’re too small, they’ll likely be fall out.

Once you use the correct ear tip size, they’ll fit precisely in your ear canal. When you connect with your phone, you should be able to jump right into the music, listening without going to settings. Just Like any other Apple product, the product’s ethos is to be anything that “just works.”

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods

To that end, there are many features that the AirPods Pro adopted to make them more convenient than your garden variety true wireless earbuds. For example, transparency mode grants you to pump in surrounding sounds, so you don’t miss your stop, or you can tie in a conversation without skipping a beat. You can quickly enter transparency mode by pressing the stem, which is now actually functional instead of unsightly. A single squeeze on the branch will pause or play music, a double reduction will bound to the next song, and a triple reduction will skip to the next song.


apple AirPods pro Features
apple AirPods pro Features

As you hope from an Apple product, these Airpads are packed chock-full of features.

The most important feature by far has got to be the active noise cancellation, which works wonders in affiliation with the proper fit that these Airpads offer. Don’t hope it to block out the rumbling lows of nearby trains, but as far as combating most everyday ambient noises like street traffic and the general hubbub in public transportation, they’re quite useful.

How is the Apple AirPods Pro different than the original AirPods?

apple AirPods pro
apple AirPods

If you are wondering why Apple followers are clamoring to pick up the latest model AirPods, it’s because they fix the most extreme issue with the old model: an unsealed ear canal. That may not look like a big deal, but it’s a development that you’ll notice immediately—something we’ve harped on endlessly at Sound Guys.

Noice Cancellation option for Apple Airpods
Noice Cancellation option for Apple Airpods

Firstly, by providing a sealed ear canal, the AirPods Pro can avoid other sounds around you from drowning out your tunes and secure the sound quality without the interference of auditory masking. In brief, auditory masking is the phenomenon of outside sounds that are similar in loudness, “deleting” other sounds you hear in your brain. With the original Apple AirPods pro, this issue was rampant because the earbuds didn’t prevent any noise from reaching your ears.



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