Before I tell you what is the best and affordable mobile tripod you can buy, the first question is why you need a mobile tripod.

Why You Need a Mobile Tripod:

  1. It’s easy to have your mobile stay at a particular angle.
  2. You don’t need any other person to hold your phone for you.
  3. You can take it anywhere as it’s small and lightweight.
  4. Your video will not be shaky.

Mobile Tripod to Get for TikTok or Youtube:

The best mobile tripod for tiktok or youtube content making, according to my personal experience is “WT-3110A” mobile tripod.

Mobile Tripod for TikTok

The reason I think this is a great mobile tripod because it’s:

  1. Light Weight.
  2. Reliable.
  3. Cheap as compared to other tripods on the market.
  4. Has an Aluminum build.
  5. Has sufficient height for making of most types of videos.


  1. Build: Aluminium and Plastic.
  2. Support: Supports all kinds of mobile phones.
  3. Feet: Has rubber grip on its feet.
  4. Rotation: Supports most kinds of rotations that you require from a tripod.
  5. Height: 1.02 Meters (or 3.32 feet).

Who Should Not Buy It:

Those people should not buy this particular version of the tripod who

  1. Want to use a DSLR on this tripod.
  2. Want to have a really long height tripod(like 5ft or above).

Where can you buy it from:

Daraz(Pakistan): Buy Now

Amazon(India): Buy Now

Amazon(Global): Buy Now

Watch the Unboxing and Setup Video:

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