Are you curious how do you get your first order on Fiverr?

Receiving your first order on Fiverr can be complicated for some sellers. It seems to be more stringent when progressively new sellers joining the Fiverr.

However, this means you should give up from Fiverr? Not.

And what your need to know about how to get your first order on Fiverr is that the same procedure can be copied to find even more customers in future.

The fact is, getting your first order on Fiverr is to get the ball Rotating, and later, things become more comfortable.

How to Get First Order on Fiverr:

In case you might be querying yourself, it’s quite general for sellers to go many weeks looks for the first order on Fiverr. Sometimes, this can be down to bad luck, but most of the much times, the seller miss to see that there’s a process of getting that first order on Fiverr.

Primarily, let’s take a look at some fundamental issues that sellers need to consider:

The Fiverr Profile Image:

You need a profile image that the client can trust. See those universal images with dingy writing on them? Avoid. See the selfies of supermodels or the stock images? Avoid.

Instead, choose a clear and real picture with lots of pixels. In my opinion, headshots are the way forth and absolutely what Fiverr wants you to upload.

Excellent Gig Descriptions:

Everything you do, try to be transparent and unique in your gig description. Many sellers have spelling mistakes or poor grammar, which determine nothing but carelessness.

Anyhow, the best way to make a compelling gig description is by checking out the Gig description of the best sellers on Fiverr.

Your Profile Bio:

You have to know that your profile bio is necessary and the client will always check your bio– especially if they need convincing. Having a short and edgy bio can be a quick way to persuade potential clients.

SEO and Keywords:

In this case, you might be asking to yourself; keywords are placed in your gig description to tell Fiverr what you do. For example, if you offer Graphic designing, you will need to have those actual words (“Graphic design”) strategically placed in the gig description.

Also, make sure that you add a similar keyword in the profile bio and Gig Title.

Here are some other steps to get your first order quickly:

  • Target Users on Social Media
  • Use Auto Refresh Extension
  • Customer Service
  • Google Potential Buyers
  • Check Out Quora
 first order on fiverr
Fiverr Login Page

What Not to Do to Get Your First Order:

You will listen to many sellers advising that you should buy your gigs, create multiple profiles or exchange reviews with other sellers. Honestly, this is fearful advice.

Stick to the Fiverr way and determine that you are worthy of the traffic. At last, if Fiverr love your profile, they are more likely to put you in front of more people.


Even if you do all the above steps, it may still take time for you to get your first order. All of this depends on your luck. Although, When you receive the order, deliver it on time and with excellent quality. Persuade them to leave a review, so that you get more requests.

And that’s it – my views on how to get first order on Fiverr. I believe you found some value in my article and please do let me know in the comments about your experience on Fiverr! 



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