If you’re looking at your computer screen full day, it is recommended that you enable Dark Mode on Windows 10 for your eyes. Dark Mode is a setting that changes your bright white screen into a little bit darker. It means most of your Window apps and features will have white text against a gray or black background.

It makes it a lot clear to read and is said to help with concentration. Also, a study by Google found that you’ll use 60% less energy on your device that has Dark Mode enabled. Do you Ready to switch over to the dark side?

 In this article, I will tell you how you enable Dark Mode in Windows 10

How to Enable Dark Mode in Window 10:

You can use the Dark Mode feature in different ways on your desktop or laptop. The Dark Mode can be rolled out across the entire user interface, on webpages, or even on all apps

How to Set Dark Mode in Your Window Interface:

1. Open the Start menu:

 Click on the Window icon on the bottom left edge of your screen.

2. Go to Setting:

This looks like a gear icon, and it is based just above the power icon in the startup menu.


Alternately, you can get to the Setting window by pressing Window + “I” at the same time.

pressing Window + "I"
you can get Setting window by pressing Window + “I”

3. Click on Personalization.

Click on Personalization
Click on Personalization

4. Open the Colors tab.

5. Now Scroll down and select the Dark button under “Choose your default app mode“.

Select the Dark Button
Select the Dark Button

Once you click on Dark Mode, your Setting app will turn dark (as well as other Windows apps).

But if you want the actual Dark Mode experience, then you will have to turn your desktop to be dark mode as well.

How to Turn Your Desktop Black:

  1. Go to Settings > Personalization > Background.
  2. Under Background, Click on Solid color from the drop-down option.
  3. Click the black option in “Choose your background color.”
Go to Settings > Personalization > Background
Go to Settings > Personalization > Background.

You can also choose a custom color if you don’t like the reliable black option they provide.

You might note that your taskbar at the bottom is still bright. Here’s how you can change your taskbar and accent colors dark as well.

How to Turn Your Accent Color Dark:

  1. First, Go to Settings > Colors.
  2. Under “Choose your accent color,” Choose a dark grey color. You can also let Window pick an accent color for you based on your Background. If you would like to pick the color by yourself, you can choose one from Window colors.
Go to Settings > Colors.
Go to Settings > Colors.

You can also select a custom color if you don’t like the provided option. Windows gives a warning for specific colors where text might not be easy to read.

3. At the bottom of the Colour menu, check the option under “Show Accent color on the following surfaces.”

Go to Color menu and check the option under "Show Accent color on the following surfaces"
Go to Color menu and check the option under “Show Accent color on the following surfaces”

You can apply the accent color from the Start menu, the taskbar, and the action center and Window borders, and the title bars.

Apply accent Color for Dark Mode
in Window 10
Apply accent Color

How to Turn Other Windows Apps Dark:

If you have installed Windows version 1903, or the May 2019 updates, you will also have the choice to turn on Dark Mode on any Window apps.

  1. Update to Window version 1903.
  2. Open any Window app
  3. Then Go to Settings.
  4. Find and select the Dark Mode. In Window Maps, you can find this under Personalization. Other apps may differ.
Go to Setting and then select the Dark mode in Window 10
Go to Setting and then select the Dark mode


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