In this article, we will tell you the difference between iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera.

The iPhone 11 Pro has a third telephoto camera that the iPhone 11 doesn’t have. Sometimes it was nice to have the telephoto camera. The updated telephoto camera with Deep Fusion processing meant I took pictures with better image quality.

Sometime before, I framed a shot better with the 11 Pro’s telephoto camera than I could with the primary camera. For example, when I took a top-down photo of a plate of food with the primary camera, I could see my phone’s shadow on the plate. But when I take pictures from the telephoto camera and moved the phone higher away from the table, there was no shadow.

There is a couple of caveats about the iPhone 11 Pro telephoto camera, though. When you take Night Mode images at 2x, the 11 Pro doesn’t use the telephoto camera. Instead, it takes a crop of the primary wide-angle camera. Still, when taking pictures in medium-to-low light. I noticed better photo quality when I took the same photo with the primary camera and cropped in.

If I want to zoom in on a photo, a 2x crop of an image I took with the primary camera worked fine. I do recommend looking at the images you have on your phone and see how many were taken zoomed in and how many pictures would look better had you been able to zoom in a bit. If you have a lot of images where you wished you had a devoted telephoto camera, then you should consider an iPhone 11 Pro.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro: Rear cameras:

The rear camera structure is where Apple truly differentiates the two classes of the iPhone. Apple is making a big deal out of the new triple-camera array on the iPhone 11 Pro, but the dual-camera lens on the iPhone 11 is no slouch

iphone 11 vs 11 pro camera
Rear cameras of iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11:

  • Camera 1: 12MP wide with f/1.8, OIS
  • Camera 2: 12MP ultra-wide with f/2.4 and 120-degree FOV

iPhone 11 Pro:

  • Camera 1: 12MP wide along f/1.8, OIS.
  • Camera 2: 12MP telephoto along with f/2.0, OIS, 2x optical zoom.
  • Camera 3: 12MP ultra-wide with f/2.4, 120-degree FOV.

The apparent difference is the addition of the telephoto camera on the iPhone 11 Pro. So, the iPhone 11 can go from 0.5x (ultra-wide) to 1x (complete). The iPhone 11 Pro can go from 0.5x to 2x (telephoto), for a total of 4x optical zoom.

The triple-cameras system in the iPhone 11 Pro is not an extra lens, however. Apple tell its engineers “precisely calibrate each camera individually for things like exposure and white balance. Then they push it, even more by pairing the three cameras and calibrating them again for the module to module alignment”. To hear Apple describe it, the iPhone Pro camera is about much more than an extra lens.

However, both camera tiers have very similar features. There is a new Night Mode for taking useable shots in low light; portrait mode and portrait lighting, advanced red-eye correction, next-generation Smart HDR, and auto image stabilization. Both the cheaper iPhone 11 and more expensive 11 Pro snap simultaneous complete and ultra-wide pictures every time you shoot. So you must decide later which one to keep.

As far as video, iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 ro both phones record in 4K at up to 60fps, and feature audio zoom (which focus the microphone on your subject when you zoom), brighter True Tone flash, and the new Quick Take a video that lets you hold the shutter to switch to video mode quickly.


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