Thinking of buying a MacBook Air or Mac for school, college, or university work? Here, we take a look at Apple’s current Mac lineup to find out which MacBook is best for students. We’ll check whether you should get a MacBook Air for college or if another Mac might be the right choice.

If you are in university or have been offered your place. You should assure that you make use of the Apple student discount. You can save hundreds on a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, or iMac Pro at Apple Education Store, the AU Education Store, or the US Education Store. Learn about how to get a discount from Apple here.

If you’re looking for security, stability, and a reliable and easy to use the operating system, then Apple’s Mac comes highly recommended. It might seem that Mac is expensive compared to its Windows alternatives. The added premium is justified, if you read on it, you don’t have to break the bank to buy one.

2020 has been an uncommon year, but that’s not stopped Apple from updating many of its Macs. It is worth casting your eyes over what’s new in the 2020 models:

MacBook Air:

In March 2020, Apple updated the MacBook Air with an upgraded keyboard, twice as much storage, fair processors, and a lower starting price of £999, making that Design an even more exciting option for students.

MacBook Air
MacBook Air

MacBook Pro:

Then, in May 2020, Apple updated the MacBook Pro. Two models got 16GB RAM as standard and faster processors. Also, all the four models got double storage and the new keyboard.

MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro

You might only be attracted to a Mac laptop. We will look into whether the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro is the right choice for students. Also, other Macs are deserving of consideration.


Apple gave the iMac a processor boost in August 2020. The 21.5in Design didn’t get a new processor, but it did bring a significant change. Apple has stopped shipping iMac with hard drives, which mean that all iMacs now come with a minimum of 256GB SSD – Which is a much better option than a slow hard drive!


Mac mini: 

The Mac mini update for 2020 passed under the radar somewhat but means that the Mac mini now ships with double as much storage. 

We’ve run through these changes because we are sure that you are probably looking for a bargain Mac. The good Mac bargains are usually on older models. If you see the best discount on an older Mac, being aware of what the newer model offers to mean. You will know what you are missing out on and whether the deal is as enormous as it appears to be. 

Mac mini
Mac mini

Speaking of getting the best deal, families looking for computers to help them home school their children during the Covid-19 pandemic. They will also be looking to get money off. Considering that, we will also give some suggestions about options for renting Macs, getting a second hand or refurbished, and some other ways you can save money when buying a new Mac.

One last thing that I want to know you: If you are starting university and use MacBook Air as well as benefitting from Apple’s Student Discounts. There is also Apple’s Back To School deal – and they are giving away a pair of Air pods.


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