Macos Mojave was released on June 4 2018 for Macintosh Computers. Now you can use IOS apps on desktop operating systems. Applications like Apple News, Home etc. It also includes dark version.

Macos Mojave dark mode

If you want to use it on your PC having windows 10 then read the whole article and follow the steps to install it on your PC.

Download Some Software Required for Macos Mojave

If you want to install it on your windows then first of all you need to download some other software:

  1. Virtual Box
  2. Setup of MacOs
  3. Code for Virtual Box
  4. Win Rar

First of all download Virtual Box for windows. This is the utility where the MacOS Mojave is going to run. Click the link below to download virtual box.

Click here to Download Virtual Box

virtual box for MacOS Mojave

After that you need to download the actual mac Operating System. Click the Link below to download macOS Mojave Setup.

Click here to Download mac OS Mojave

Now download the code for virtual box.

Click here to Download the Text Code

You also need to download win rar to unzip the files.

Click here to Download Win Rar

Steps to Install

  1. Once you have downloaded all the required things, unzip the MacOS Mojave rar file.
unzip setup

2. Now Turn Off windows defender from settings.

turn off windows defender
turn off windows defender

3. Now run Virtual Box setup as administrator and install it. Once installed open it. Click on “new” to add your OS.

run virtual box to install Macos Mojave

Check only those boxes that you see in the picture below.

install virtual box

Go to processors and give half the processors to the OS.

install virtual box

Take the graphics bar to its maximum (128 mb).

Take the graphics bar to its maximum (128 mb) to install Macos Mojave

4. Now close virtual box and now run cmd as administrator. Copy the lines from the text code after renaming it with your virtual machine.

Macos Mojave code on command prompt

Copy the lines of the code one by one and insert them on cmd. Remember to replace “Your VM Name” to your virtual machine name in every line of the code.

Close cmd and run virtual box as administrator.

Click on start to start your mac os.

start Macos Mojave

You now have a MacOS Mojave on your windows 10 PC.

Watch the Full Video for better guidance:

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