The Samsung Galaxy Buds were a slight bit of a mixed bag for me. Although I liked that it wasn’t quite as costly as its thousand-ringgit rivals from Sony and Apple, they also didn’t sound nearly as good. My major issue with those headphones was the fact that they said muddy to me. Well, that and the below-average battery life.

Samsung rolled out the Samsung Galaxy Buds last year to some success, offering a reliable bac-up to Apple’s Air Pods for lower money. They work well, but Samsung sees some reason to change much for its new model, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. These $149.99 true wireless earphones are a little more costly than the original pair and offer almost the same design, fit, and audio performance. The betterment comes in the form of 11-hour battery life and better voice quality, which we feel is worth the increase in cost.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 almost looks like the previous Galaxy Buds. They’re available in White, black, or blue (the blue is new from the first generation, and it replaces the neon yellow Bud version), which applies to both the charging case and the earphones. Each earphone is a plump bulb covered in glossy plastic, with a small protrusion for the in-canal ear tip. Three differently sized sets of silicone ear tips and fins are included, letting you find a snug in-ear fit.

Samsung Galaxy Buds
Design of Samsung Galaxy Buds

Battery Life:

The significant upgrade in the second-generation Samsung galaxy bud 2 is the increase in battery life. According to Samsung, the Earbud can last up to 11 hours before needing a charge. That’s okay at the top of the battery life list for genuinely wireless earphones (based on typical usage and will depend on how loud you listen to the music and what other features you use). However, the charging case can only hold one full extra charge (11 hours). A nearly unimpressive number when many other true Wireless Earbuds boast two or three charges in their case. Still, the ability to use the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (second generation) on a long flight without require to pop them in the charging case is very welcome.


The Galaxy Bud 2 has the same AKG-tuned drivers as the initial Galaxy Buds, which provide a clear, full sound with an excellent fitting in the ear. The kick drum hits in our bass test path. The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” come through at peak volume levels with clear low-frequency presence and beyond a hint of distortion. The thump won’t shake your head or give you the sense of a low bass frequency speaker even with the equalizer in the Samsung Wearables app set to Bass Boost.

samsung galaxy buds 2
Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Sound Quality:

Firstly, let’s start with the sound quality. I will say this outright: The Samsung Galaxy buds aren’t worth their money for the sound they pump out. They aren’t. If you are an audio expert/lover, this earphone won’t appeal to you. If you spend 14000 on a good pair of in-ear headphones or even over-ear cans, you will be much happier. I think most people who will listen to these Earbuds will agree.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds?

In $108, the Samsung Galaxy buds offer a bit of value for your money. The wireless charging and USB-C connection capabilities make these buds easy and fast to become charged. The touch controls are intuitive, but I would have beloved to see better options for volume adjustment



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