Since 2013, Sony has been on a tear with the Best PlayStation 4 Games that has arguably been the most significant selling point for the console.  All the best things must come to an end. The console is now starting its withdrawal lap ahead of the PS5 following the launch of the Ghost of Tsushima. Before that, God of War, Bloodborne, Days Gone, and Shadow of the Colossus, among many others, already delivered in the right way, which means that it shouldn’t shock anyone to see where they stand on this list.

However, exclusivity could become a thing of the past, and it looks like it’s already on the way out. There seem to be fewer exclusives than ever before. If your game costs millions of dollars to make, can you take the danger of limiting sales to one platform anymore? We’ve seen Sony team up with Epic to release some of their IPs on their platform, so could that become the model for the next generation? Take Horizon Zero Dawn, which used to ride very high on this list before its unique PC port.

Until things start changing, however, here are the best PlayStation 4 games that you can’t find anywhere else. That means it can’t be on PC, Xbox One, or the Switch – heck, no other PS system, for that matter

Some of the other exclusions from our list of the best exclusives are the Yakuza games and Persona 5. As for timed PS4 exclusives, like Final Fantasy VII Remake, we bypass those. We’re also avoiding talking about PSVR games to spice things up a little.

Without farther ado, here are the best PlayStation 4 games that you cannot find anywhere else.

3 Best PlayStation Exclusive Games:

1. Bloodborne:


A gothic plunge into the darkly unknown, Bloodborne is released in 2015 and develop as its highly predictable follow-up to the famed Dark Souls franchise. It did not disappoint. Concentrate on the new world of Yharnam, full of new sights and characters; you must take the role of a hunter who finds himself fending off creatures during the night of The Hunt.

2. Days Gone:

Days Gone
Days Gone

When you assume that you have seen it all with zombies in games, such days are Gone now comes along as one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusive games on pc and uses them more creatively than most. These aren’t your grand pappy’s flesh-eaters, prodding and slow as is usually considered, but relatively swarming, fast, and likely to overwhelm you if not handled correctly. It does as lone survivor Deacon St. John, exploring an open-world version of Bend, Oregon.

3. Shadow of the Colossus:

Shadow of the Colossus
Shadow of the Colossus

While it might seem weird to consider one of the PS2’s best games also to be one of the best PlayStation 4 games. This goes to show how Epic and everlasting the experience of playing Shadow Colossus is to daily. Initially developed by Team Ico and then remastered in 2018 by Bluepoint Games, the Shadow of the Colossus remake holds the original’s simplicity while allowing the graphics a large-scale overhaul to make it feel like a modern game.


There is no comparison between your phone or PC games. The Graphics and Reality in PS4 games were not seen on PC or mobile games.

There are many best PlayStation 4 games, but I tell the names of three games that were mostly played.

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