Xiaomi AirDots Pro:

The popularity of wireless headphones like Xiaomi Airdots Pro

  is due to the comfort of use. Good sound is now possible wirelessly. High autonomy became possible due to built-in batteries and an additional power supply in the form of a case. And, of course, fashion, Apple instilled it to consumers!

The concept of Airpods wholly absorbs Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro. They have good autonomy, identical in the format charging case, sensors present in the ears, touch control, and a good sound. Nonetheless, the model has several differences, which for many, will become essential in the purchase.


● AAC codec support

● Bluetooth 4.2

● Simultaneous support of connection of 2 devices (one active, second on pause)

● Active noise Reduction ANC-works with and without music enabled

● Infrared optical sensor to detect earphone in-ear sink and start/stop the music

● Weight of each earphone 5.8 grams, the total weight with case 58 grams

● Case Size 50x40x30 mm

● The capacity of the Charger case 410 mAh (10 minutes of charging-40%, 30 minutes of charging-90%, 40 minutes of charging-100%,)

● Color: white, black

● Timing is up to 3 hours of music on a single charge of Airdots, up to 10 hours of headphone autonomy with a briefcase

Xiaomi AirDots Pro
Xiaomi AirDots Pro


The first time you need to open the case and in the menu of your smartphone (Bluetooth settings) to choose from the list, Mi True Wireless Airdots will be synchronized. Next, when you open the case, they automatically adhere to the paired with the smartphone; no further action on the connection to produce is not necessary.


Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro includes headphones, a charging case, a USB Type-C charging cable, instruction in several languages, additional ear cushions (like Pillow) set of different sizes (3 pairs).


The charging case and the Airdots are made of white plastic; this color is prevalent among users. The form factor is very identical to Apple Airpods, except for landing in the ear sink. Xiaomi Airdots Pro is an intra-channel headset.

Touch control:

● Double-tap on one of the headphones during a call takes a call during a call-resets the call.

● Tap on the Touchpad Airdots Pro allows you to manage calls, music, and call voice assistant on your smartphone.

● Double Tap on the left earpiece-call the voice assistant, on the right-stop, or continue playing music in the player.

● If one earpiece is inserted, the double-tap control only the music playback.

When both Xiaomi Airdots Pro is in the ears, the 3-second hold on the touchpad activate the active noise reduction mode (automatically shut down when the incoming call or when removing one of the Airdots). Flipping of tracks and Control of volume (as it is realized in Airpods) using a touch panel at Xiaomi Airdots Pro is not supported.

Comparison with Other Airpods:

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro looks identical to the headphones from Apple. Also, the headphones from the Chinese different in the format of landing in the ears. They are channel, commonly sounding a little different, more low frequencies.

The function work and the difference is palpable. For those who like to immerse themselves in music, this chip will be picked. Airpods does not have this chip, but there is more convenient touch control, and there are a volume adjustment and scrolling tracks using touch

Is it worth buying?

In their price category at the moment, they are excellent and worth the money. The ultimate price they can be valued is 7 000 rubles. Xiaomi AirDots can be safely recommended for purchase. If something is not comfortable in Xiaomi AirDots Pro, then check the reviews for other AirDots.


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